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Backing up data has become a standard business practice and in most industries it is an operational requirement. With 90 percent of companies going out of business within two years of failing to recover lost data from a major data loss, backing up important files and information using a secure and reliable method has never been so critical.

With a cloud backup service, the data is encrypted and stored on a remote server. T3 use a 256 bit encryption method and store everything in military-grade, SAS 70 certified, secure facilities. Thus, there is virtually no risk of files being corrupted or lost while data is in transfer or storage. There is also no threat of losing the data as a result of natural disasters such as fire or floods or malicious acts such as theft. As an additional level of protection, the data is backed up a second time to another tier 4 secure storage facility. The data is available anytime, anywhere. Moreover, if there is a need to restore files, the recovery rate is far greater than using portable media.

With these factors considered, cloud backup is surely a more reliable method than portable media backup or tape.

When you compare factors such as reliability, cost, ease-of-use and data security, it becomes clear to see that the benefits of online data backup are far superior to portable media backup. Businesses today can protect themselves by protecting their critical data T3 provide an industry-leading cloud backup solution, which can safeguard organisations of any size.

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